Here’s an excerpt from a review in 2012 (from

“I was interested in some chill instrumental sounds, so I set my compass to the Dominion on Queen for some Brazilian jazz in Que Isso? That’s not a question, I really did go here. The question mark is part of the band name……From the street you could hear some really tight jazz with that infectious laid back rhythm. Peering inside from the street, you could see a packed house; so packed that the Dominion was at capacity. People wanted in, and when they got a taste of this band, they were setting up camp for the night. I don’t blame them……Fortunately at some point, the doors were nudged open just barely and the street view became standing room on the patio, which morphed into a table on the patio, and eventually led back inside near the end of the set. The drummer Kyle McGyle looked like he was having entirely too much fun hammering out rhythms. It was fun and legitimate jazz at a great club. I would love to see Que Isso? again…where I could spend a little more time absorbing the music. Either way, it was a rewarding treat for my night of festival wandering.”